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Point of Sale

The Eats365 POS provides all the necessary tools for growth and efficiency right to your fingertips. No more fussing about with clunky, outdated POS systems. Our POS software is designed with flexibility and integration in mind, so you can see results fast.

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Combos & Modifiers

Give your guests exciting options and boost revenue. With the built-in Menu Editor, you can create item options by using single and multi-selectable modifiers. You can also create combos by linking single items and/or entire categories while also adjusting the selectable quantities and discounts offered. To simplify the process, we offer you complete freedom from the Merchant Portal to add images, add simplified names, turn on inventory tracking, set up role access permissions and more.

Flexible Menu Design

Easily set up Lunch, Dinner, Happy Hour and Daily Specials menus. You can customize the time of day and day of week that your menus to show up. The Eats365 POS will then automatically display the appropriate menu according to your preferences.

Customizable Menu Keys

By using our built-in Layout Editor, you can customize the color, font size and name of your menu keys. You can also select images of your choice to replace the look of traditional menu keys while having the option to position different keys in any order you see fit.

Self-Service Kiosk

Fully-automate the order-taking process by letting your customers have the freedom to place orders themselves. Our Self-Service Kiosk works as a self-catered point of sales that improves convenience for you, your customers and your business, as a whole.

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Fully-Automated Self-Service

Let your customers place their orders in a way that’s intuitive and reduces the need for extra staff. Now you can streamline everything from the ordering process right down to payment.

Browsing Made Easy

Customers can browse through just about anything with our Self-Service Kiosk. Be it a selection of restaurants that are part of a food court or your business’ menu, customers can easily pinpoint what they need for a smooth experience.

Automatically Fire Orders

Once customers have selected their desired items and placed their order, it will be fired automatically to your kitchen staff via our Kitchen Display System. Not only does this improve efficiency, but it also decreases waiting time and reduces the number of staff required for smooth service.