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Coaster Charger transmitter

Model : LTK-2000MC




Set Current Time
Set Sleep Time
Range Test
Pre Set Message
Pager Alert
Duty Alert
Out of Range
Base ID
Set Frequency
Group Call ID
Out of range ID
Set baud Rate
Set Default MSG

Spec & Features


Channel Spacing :12.5KHz
Spurious Rejection : -60dB
Emission Type :F1D
Modulation Scheme : FM(FSK)
Standard Deviation : ± 4.5 KHz
Dimension :W(178) X D(187) X H(58)
Occupied Bandwidth: ±8.5 KHz
Total Weight : 3.5 Kg
AC/DC adapter : DC 12V, MAX 3.5A
Frequency Stability : ±10 ppm
Power : 10mW
Code Format : POCSAG Code


Programmable through its setup menu
Easy and simple operation
Durable and Sturdy to withstand industry conditions
Selectable Pager Alert Mode
Auto Locate
All Pagers work on Single Transmitter Platform
Smart Charging System with own charger
Advertise with Insert Sheet
Unique Base
Smart Charging eliminates over-charging and extend battery life