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Tablecall Transmitter

Model : LT-1600T



Tablecall Transmitter for cummunication between Customer and Waiter.

Spec & Features


Channel Spacing :12KHz
Spurious Rejection : -60dB
Emission Type :F1D
Modulation Scheme : FM(FSK)
Standard Deviation : ± 4.5 KHz
Dimension :W(109) X D(107) X H(15)
Occupied Bandwidth: ±8.5 KHz
Total Weight : 1.2 Kg
AC/DC adapter : DC 12V, MAX 3.5A
Frequency Stability : ±20 ppm
Power : 10mW
Code Format : POCSAG Code


Easy and simple operation
All Pagers work on Single Transmitter Platform
Smart Charging System with own charger
Advertise with Insert Sheet
Unique Base
Smart Charging eliminates over-charging and extend battery life